Masters of Hengle. Blending more than 50 years of melodic jingle-jangle pop history into their own style.

The Hengles are a four-piece band from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

They are Maarten Heijblok (Bass), Paul van Rijswijk (Drums), Dirk Portegies (Lead Guitar and Vocals) and Erwin Wolters (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals). Together, they share a rich history of making Dutch pop music in bands such as Treble Spankers, Supersub, Jack Of Hearts and Alison Gross, to name but a few.

The Hengles started in 2015 as a 100% coverband, specializing in music of The Byrds, Big Star, Badfinger etc. They also perform as a backing band for other artists (Julia P. e.g.).

The Hengles have now moved on to recording and playing their own music. Hey, that’s what they had been doing in their previous bands for years anyway! Their bittersweet, jingle-jangle 1st single ‘Wintertime’ was released in January 2019. Their 2nd release ‘So I Say No’ was quickly followed by a teeny bobber gem called ‘(I dream of) Jeannie!’ All tracks of these ‘Masters of Hengle’ are available on various digital platforms.

The Hengles are hot & cooking on two burners, so stay tuned!

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