Masters of Hengle. Blending more than 50 years of melodic jingle-jangle pop history into their own style.

The Hengles are a pop group from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Together, these ‘Masters of Hengle’ share a rich history of making Dutch pop music in bands such as Treble Spankers, Supersub and Alison Gross, to name but a few.

Their bitter-sweet jingle-jangle singles, country pedal Wintertime, 60’s smash So I Say No, teeny bopper gem (I Dream Of) Jeannie, sweet melancholia Those Who Stay Behind, the EP The Hengles Do It Again! (issuing the first 4 consecutive singles) and the just released Wish It Was Christmas Time, are available on all renowned digital platforms.

The Hengles started in 2015 with Maarten Heijblok, Dirk Portegies, Paul van Rijswijk and Erwin Wolters as a 100% cover band, specializing in jingle-jangle music (The Byrds, Big Star, Badfinger e.g.) with their self-released EP No Matter What (2017) to proof. They also performed as a backing-band for Dutch singer-songwriter Julia P. (Summer EP, 2017).

After signing to Dutch digital label TCBYML (January 2019) The Hengles made the transition to recording self-penned music only, something they had been doing in their previous bands for years anyway. During the process, after contributing to the first 4 singles, founding member Dirk Portegies left the group to pursue his own projects.


The Hengles are hot & cooking on three burners, so stay tuned!


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