Go Round In Circles, the 9th single  out now!!

During the lockdown earlier this year,we released a quarantine feel-good ‘home version’ of a future new TCBYML-single on our You Tube-channel to make up for lost time. Well, of course we kept our promise! A ‘full version’ of that ‘future new single’, Go Round In Circles, is on your digital store now! Their 9th consecutive single.

The year 2020 turned out to be a strange one. No one really knows what to do or how to solve the current crisis. Some manage to stay calm, some don’t. But everybody is waiting for that ‘one solution’, that will solve it all. Hopefully it does. But hey, we’re only human after all, so it’s quite normal to think that way!
Go Round In Circles expresses that mood. The Hengles can only do what they know best and that is making music. So, they bring you Go Round In Circles!

Picture: Corry Zwart © 2020