Fire In The Rain, the 8th single  out now!!

Hi, we do hope you’re all doing fine!

We just put a brand-new quarantine-proof Hengles song called ‘Go Round In Circles’
on our You Tube-channel, which we hope you will like.
It’s a stripped-down acoustic pre-version of a future TCBYML-single release,
which will see the light probably somewhere around the end of this year.
We’ll keep you posted.

For now, ‘Go Round In Circles’ is only available on our You Tube-channel, so follow the link and tell us what you think!
Our next single release has been delayed to August this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown restrictions,
so this new ‘quarantine feel-good home recording’ song is also to make up for lost time.
And in the meantime, do keep playing our current single ‘You’, which has generated already more than 10.000 streams on Spotify!
Not bad for a little pop group like ours.
Thank you lucky stars!

Clip made by Paul van Rijswijk © 2020